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Summer has just arrived n here are some cool tips for Summer Street Fashion!!!! 1. Let it loose : Get Cropped loose pants, long Skirts, Cargo pants out of your wardrobe. 2. Protect your skin: When on street, cover your skin with sunscreen n flowing dress to cover your skin. 3. Scarf and stoles: Girls never forget your head gear! 4. Get experimental: Try cool hats for this seasons' best look 5. Refreshing hues: Always include light colors in your dress for pleasing look. 6. Tie up: From a high ponytail to braided hair, dont let your hair spoil the summer fun. Just these simple tips n you are ready for the race on Indian Street Fashion this summer! Indian Summer- 'Street Fashion' Style
Amazing Designer collection to pep up your wardrobe & make summer fashionable. DIFD Fashion Institute, Hyderabad. Ph: 8897444498
This summer is gonna be chocolatey. 3day workshop for girls and ladies @DiFD Institute of Fashion Design, Lakdikapul from 25th to 27th April 2016. Be there to experience Royal chocolatey flavours.
Summer has set in! Here are few tips to follow: 1. Wear light colored dresses 2. Opt for fabric which absorbs heat and sweat. 3. when going out, try to cover your skin as much as possible. 4. Wear loose fitted clothes. 5. Lastly never forget to invest in a good sunscreen And drink lots of water and liquids to keep hydrated. Enjoy and beat the heat!