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Summer has just arrived n here are some cool tips for Summer Street Fashion!!!! 1. Let it loose : Get Cropped loose pants, long Skirts, Cargo pants out of your wardrobe. 2. Protect your skin: When on street, cover your skin with sunscreen n flowing dress to cover your skin. 3. Scarf and stoles: Girls never forget your head gear! 4. Get experimental: Try cool hats for this seasons' best look 5. Refreshing hues: Always include light colors in your dress for pleasing look. 6. Tie up: From a high ponytail to braided hair, dont let your hair spoil the summer fun. Just these simple tips n you are ready for the race on Indian Street Fashion this summer! Indian Summer- 'Street Fashion' Style
Sweet news this April Learn to make handmade CHOCOLATEs @Difd Institute of Fashion Design, Lakdikapul from 25th to 27th April 2016 exclusively for girls and ladies. International quality chocolates of around 30 varieties! Sugar-free, nuts, Truffles, chocolate decorations and Packing and much more...Material would be provided to all participants. Entry Fee- Rs.1200/- per head Enrol Today Contact:8897444498
HAND MADE CHOCOLATES TRAINING PROGRAM Conducted by DiFD-Institute Of Fashion Design , Lakdikapul, Hyd-4. for Girls & Ladies only (25th-27th April 2016. by 11:00 am to 1:pm.) Entry Fees Rs.1200/- per head. incl: Material
An addition to skills set of DiFD Students, Handmade flowers. This is surely going to make a simple dress more gorgeous and appealing. All handmade flowers in picture are outcome of students creative session conducted today. Keep up your good work Students! Wishing you more creativity ahead! - Message by Design Instructor to all future Fashion Designers of DiFD Institute of Fashion Design